Supply international Market up to 2022 with unique quality special flavor and Aroma specialty green coffee beans from suke and welena farms.

About the company

Tade GG high land coffee producer plc, started indigenous tree, coffee planting and honey production since 2004 & start exporting in 2009. We contribute to the country’s foreign exchange earnings; environmental conservation, job opportunity and technology scale up. We signed an agreement in 2009 with the Shakisso district agriculture and rural development, which is responsible on all agricultural development in the area, to provide coffee, tree seedling and giving technical support on the management for 800 small holding farmers as out grower.


  • Produce and export sustainably high quantity washed & sun dried coffee regards with improving country’s foreign exchange, supporting local community and keeping the nature.
  • To distribute coffee and tree seedling to out growers (at least for 800 households) to help the farmers and government to increase income, improve food security and environment.
  • Establish red cherry processing industry and Process red cherry and supply parchment coffee to the market
  • Install modern bee hive & honey  processing  agro industry;
  • To provide job opportunity specially for women’s

The farm location and area suitability

The farm area is located in Ethiopia, Oromia Region , , Guji zone, Odoo Shakisoo district at 5°N and 39°E with the elevation range between 1800-2200 masl and the total area of the farm is 521 hectares  and about 650 hectares of the out growers. The area gets two season rain fall and the main season from March up to May and the other is from end of September to early weeks of November.

The general physiographic of the Farm is characterized by highly dissected mountains, high lands, plateau, valleys and plain area. The farm area has a gentle slope of 2-15%.The soil in the farm are volcanic origin, with high nutrient holding capacity. Generally the soil is fertile, friable, loamy soils with the depth of at least 2 meter. The top soil is dominantly dark-brown or brownish in color. One out standing characteristic of the soils that its fertility is maintained by organic recycling i.e. through litter fall, root residue from perennial coffee and shade trees. The area is also known for its tropical rain forest which is decline at alarming rate.

Guji zone in general and Odo shakiso district in particular is not only reach in minerals particularly gold but is also the most suitable area for green gold (Coffee Arabic of sidamo A type according to Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Authority Category) production.

The major Activities carried and to be carried out by PLC.

  • Coffee and tree Seedling production and planting.
  • Plantation site management.
  • Apicultural development
  • Establishing of industry for washed coffee processing
  • Establishing of agro processing industries
  • Exporting especially and premium quality washed and sun dried organic Arabica coffee from our farm and our out growers.


We have 13 permanent & around 1200 seasonal workers. Experts with horticulture, agronomy, bee keeping & coffee quality profession and other officers secretary, accountant, General Manager, export manager

P.O.Box: – 185935

Tel: – 251 114 670 966, 251 911 476 127,

Fax:- 251 114 670 913